Thursday, September 11, 2014

Laser Hair Removal – What To Expect

Laser hair removal is now one of the most popular way to remove hair permanently, especially along visible areas of the body. If you are no longer happy with tweezing, shaving or waxing, laser hair removal is an option. This cosmetic procedure is one of the most commonly done in the world today, which is safe and quick. Using a tool that beams highly concentrated light into the skin that penetrates into the follicles, this action causes the hair to be destroyed.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Laser hair removal is best in taking out unwanted hair along the leg, arm, underarm, face, bikini lines and other areas in the body. In comparison to other hair removal method, laser has a number of benefits that anyone will appreciate.

Lasers are efficient in targeting dark and coarse hair, leaving smooth surrounding skin undamaged. Each pulse takes only a fraction of a second, but can affect many hairs at the same time. Upper lip treatment can take less than a minute for the treatment to be completed. Larger areas like the leg or back will take less than an hour. Lastly, laser hair removal is effective in removing hair permanently. Up to 90% of patients who used this method do not experience regrowth after 3 to 5 sessions.

What To Expect During Each Session

Before each procedure, you will need to undergo hair treatment which will trim your hair so that only a few millimiters is left. The laser equipment will then be adjusted according to your specific hair type. Information like color, thickness, and location of the treatment area will all be considered. You and your technician may be required to use protective eyewear during the treatment. In addition, a cool jelly will be applied to your skin so the laser will be able to penetrate into the follicles better.
For first time sessions, the technician will first observe if your skin will have adverse reaction to the treatment. Once the procedure is completed, you may use ice packs and anti-flammatory creams to reduce discomfort.

Things To Remember When Choosing A Treatment Center

It is important that you choose a treatment center wisely. Remember, laser hair removal is a regulated procedure, it may still cause plenty of damage to your body if the technician is not well trained. Not all laser hair removal tools and treatment are the same, ask your spa or treatment center if it will be effective on your skin and hair type. Check out laser hair removal and other skin care treatments information at the White Pearl Med Spa in San Antonio, Texas.